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2017 FCS Conference

The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Canada Conference

Friday and Saturday, 13-14 October 2017

Location: Chancery of the Archdiocese of Ottawa

The Diocesan Centre
1247 Kilborn Place
Ottawa, Ontario

Conference Theme: Pope Francis

The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Canada invites proposals for papers for a conference on the theme of Pope Francis. The Holy Father has been the subject of controversy and critique from both within the Church and without, from all points on the political, theological, and liturgical spectra. While many of Pope Francis’ statements have seemed ambiguous, Catholics can surely recognize and appreciate the urgency of his call to live as witnesses to the joy of the Gospel. We are seeking papers by serious and judicious scholars who aim to understand Pope Francis’ papacy in fidelity to the authentic teachings of the Church. We are also interested in papers that seek to reflectively discern how the Holy Spirit is calling us to respond to the current division in the Church in relation to the current papacy. Papers may approach the topic from any number of disciplines, including the theological, the philosophical, the literary, the historical, the sociological, and others. 

Pierre Elliot Trudeau's Great Betrayal

Gwen Landolt, lawyer, and Dr. Patrick Redmond, historian and author, have published a book entitled Pierre Elliot Trudeau's Great Betrayal, which examines the betrayal of the traditional values upon which Canada was founded with the passing of the Omnibus Bill in 1969, which amended the Divorce Act and the Criminal Code on abortion and homosexuality. Then  the Charter of Rights, passed in 1982, shifted power from Parliament which was subject to public opinion to the Supreme Court of Canada, which was not. This shift in power opened the door to a wide list of areas in which, for the first time, the judiciary, rather than the legislature, had the final say. For example, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms passed in 1982, led the Supreme Court in Regina v. Morgentaler in 1988 to remove all rights for the unborn child.

The book is sold on amazon.ca and amazon.com as well as various bookstores.

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