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New Member Application Form for the year 2020 - Welcome to the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, where great minds meet and collaborate! Each member receives a copy of our peer-reviewed academic journal 4 times a year via post. We have hundreds of members and we were established in 1992. You are also Invited to send Academic Articles for Publication and Presentation at our Conferences.

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[    ]   full membership  $ 75.

[    ]   Canadian chapter membership  $ 40

Kindly complete the form and return to the treasurer by mail OR send the above information via email to:

Full membership includes membership, with all its privileges, in both the US parent and the Canadian chapter.  You will receive all publications, convention proceedings and invitations to all conventions and meetings from both.

Canadian chapter membership includes the Journal and an invitation to all conventions and meetings and the proceedings thereof.

You can pay by cheque or e-transfer.
To use e-transfer, send the payment to
Patrick Redmond
44 Augusta Drive Way
Markham, ON L6E 1B5