History of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Canada

Our History

Australia, Ireland and Canada are the three autonomous Chapters of the US  Fellowship.  Of the three, we are the largest.
We came into being in 1992, and received our charitable status registration in 1994.
During the first five years, we had an annual convention.  After that, we varied between having annual meetings, conventions and/or other events. 
The convention held in 2009 was the first for a few years.
Among other events we have participated in has been the Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City in 2008.
We publish a Journal twice yearly.
Many of our members, in addition to other scholars and professionals, submit contributions to the issues.
A recent issue was bilingual, having an article in French, contributed by the Archbishop of  Quebec City.
Recent issues have a new format, developed by Professor Robert Berard. This format is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2 "  It has been well received.
A few of our members, including Professor Robert Berard and Dr. Paul Flaman, have attended recent American conventions.