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Protection of Conscience

 Protection of Conscience Project

See the message following from Canadian Physicians for Life (CPFL) about their urgent need for financial help to cover legal costs in a major court case in Ontario against the state medical regulator, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.
The  CPFL and the other plaintiffs are challenging the constitutionality of regulations suppressing physician freedom of conscience.  The effect of the regulation is to require physicians to kill or help to kill patients eligible for euthanasia/assisted suicide, or to collaborate in killing them by finding a colleague willing to do so.  This applies to every other morally contested procedure.
Testimony by an objecting physician before a committee of the Ontario Legislature about what is happening in one of Toronto’s major hospitals will give you a sense of what is at stake:
At my institution, physicians are being bullied into accepting the role of the most responsible physician for [euthanasia/assisted suicide] patients. This forces these physicians to be legally responsible for [euthanasia/assisted suicide], even when that goes against their conscience or religious beliefs. It gets worse: At one of our staff meetings, a psychiatrist stood up and announced that any physician who didn’t actively support [euthanasia/assisted suicide] should not be working at our hospital. . .
There’s a horrendous stress level at our hospital. Physicians are afraid to speak up. Physicians are afraid that they will lose their jobs if they say anything. Even just speaking to my colleagues about this, we use alternative email addresses and we speak in code. We feel sometimes like we’re in some sort of dystopian novel.
[Committee Documents: Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs - 2017-Mar-23 - Bill 84, Medical Assistance in Dying Statute Law Amendment Act, 2017.  Thursday,23 March, 2017: Dr. Ellen Warner.]
This is the first time that the guarantee of freedom of conscience under the Canadian Charter of Rights will be adjudicated. 
I cannot overstate the importance of this case.   
Please read the message below, donate if you are able to do so (CPFL can issue a tax receipt), and forward to anyone who might be willing and able to assist.
(Sean Murphy) Administrator
Protection of Conscience Project
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